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Welcome Jimit Sanghvi, the newest Matterian

In any model, be it a software development or a marketing strategy model, in my opinion it should suffice four conditions – it should be relevant, optimizable, scalable and sustainable. Any model that encompasses these four fundamental characteristics will adapt rather than fail due to unforeseen or new changes in their eco-system. This is my foundation stone while creating a marketing strategy.

My name is Jimit and after studying galaxies that are at one-half the age of the known Universe, I am here at the Matter Agency Oy, as  Growth Hacker and Developer. I have previously worked towards acquiring and converting consumers for a mobile game development firm, an e-Commerce store and an Education Consulting firm using various channels. So, my passion is building intuitive, interactive, dynamic and customizable interface depending upon the consumer’s past and present interactions which empowers to provide them the best, relevant and engaging experience.

I strongly believe in creating disruptions across the high-end of the C-suite employees of all corporations, to implement digital transformation in their marketing strategies. To understand why, let’s do a thought experiment. What is the depth of an ocean? Without knowing it, how do we control, expand and build over it? That is precisely what I believe is wrong with conventional marketing. Companies should understand their consumers, their needs and that their consumers now completely control their customer journey and product-centricity and quick user-acquisition is not what determines a company´s success – only brand loyalty does!

Therefore, I believe in complete customer-centricity and so my approach with our team or any client would start, not by what products or services our client’s businesses have to offer, but as to –

  • who their ideal consumers are and what they want?
  • what exact problem do they (our client´s business) solve?
  • how much intensely does a particular segment or a cohort wish to see this problem solved?

At Matter, I will work to create meaningful and empathetic content and web interfaces, which will speak to the relevant consumers as to how will we, or our clients, solve their most burning issues, all the while creating a meaningful and long-term relation between them. This will be achieved by aligning the brand positioning with the ideal market segment consisting of the ideal buyer persona defined using customer-centric philosophy.

I will contribute Matter  in becoming Finland’s most customer-centric and empathetic organisation that not only helps acquire relevant customers but provide brand loyalty by offering to be – a bridge or an interface – between the end consumers and the businesses that strives to provide relevant solutions to their issues.


Feel free to connect via LinkedIn or send me email